New high quality Glassy button generator released

Aug 22nd, 20104 Comments

More than 2000 buttons generated in one day with the new Glassy Button Generator!

High quality shape and text.

glassy button generator

4 Responses to “New high quality Glassy button generator released”

  1. I like the new icon sets, but I already used buttons with the old ones, and was hoping to resize them…but can’t now – Any way to re-add the Iphone category of icons?

  2. Theo says:

    Unfortunately the Shape and size feature does not work

  3. Theo says:

    The feature Shape and size on the button generators does not work.

  4. Majordoit says:

    This is a really cool tool for creating glassy buttons quickly – I would however like to be able to set the colour myself to match the colours I use already.

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