Questa pagina è un esempio di una pagina di WordPress, è possibile per inserire le informazioni sul proprio profilo e sul proprio sito. È possibile creare quante pagine si desiderano simili a questa o anche delle sottopagine e gestirne il contenuto all’interno di WordPress.

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  1. Gary Driskill says:

    Yesterday I made a purchase on your “My Cool Button” site. When I submitted my PayPal payment I received an error message. I never received any kind of confirmation/authentication Email from you and I can’t log into the site. However, I did receive a confirmation Email from PayPal and in my PayPal account it states that the transaction completed and that you were paid. The PayPal Transaction ID #07291120SW625734U.

    Please activate my account or tell me what I need to do. Thanks

  2. ahmed saad says:


    I really loved your button generators but i can’t use paypal to subscribe in your pretty service, so could you please provide me with another way to paying you the subscription (like using my Credit Card directly).

    Ahmed Saad

  3. ButtonUser says:

    Any plans to allow Unicode characters? Some of my websites need Chinese characters on the buttons.

  4. E. schallert says:

    I couldn`t register through your paypalregistration.
    I did the payment to your address – money sent – but the account is still locked – please check.

    🙁 no contact information, no address, no impressum on your website “My cool button generator” – do you want people to think, you are unserious?
    You should check this as well – it is against the law

  5. Can i download the flag icon set other than using it while generating the buttons ?

  6. Szabolcs says:

    Hey, it’s seems to be a great service! I need Unicode support too!
    Then would be this whole thing just perfect…

  7. pam says:

    I am having difficulty uploading an icon from my desktop to use. Can you give some detail on why the upload icon button dissapears when it is clicked on? andy why it does not work?

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